Oracle HCM Cloud – Creating Dependencies between Functionalities

Oracle HCM Cloud is a tightly bound system which allows for very less customization. You can customize page to make fields mandatory, remove fields from page, hide fields etc. However, what does an implementation consultant do when faced with a situation to make a certain functionality mandatory based on another functionality. For example: A person should be able to submit expenses only if he is eligible for it and the eligibility is defined in core HR. How would one link these two modules and ensure that the expense report submission is based on the employees eligibility.

A very simple way to do this would be Oracle HCM’s delivered Descriptive Flexfield functionality. Following steps define how to achieve the scenario and create dependencies:


A DFF in core HR is defined to mark employee’s eligibility to claim expense. Let’s call this DFF as “expense eligible”. If this value is checked then the employee is eligible else employee is not eligible. Also the employee is eligible if he was hired with an action reason “expense eligible”.


Define a DFF on the expense page and mark is as mandatory. Once the DFF is defined attach a valueset to the DFF. The valueset would be based on SQL Table and in the query select ‘Yes’ if employee’s hiring action reason is “expense eligible” and the “expense eligible” DFF in core HR is checked.

So at the end of above definition, you would have a DFF in expense which would have a dropdown with value ‘Yes’ if the employee is eligible for expense and nothing in drop down if the employee is ineligible. Now since the DFF is mandatory, if the employee is in eligible he would not be able to go ahead with submission since the DFF would not have any value.

This way we can achieve the functionality to make pages dependent on each other.