Oracle HCM Cloud – Viewing Employees from UI

Data conversions is one of the most important part of any ERP implementation. In the HCM world employee data conversion is most critical aspect. All the other data entities can be converted once the employee is converted. In almost every HCM product the employees can be viewed from the UI once the base tables are updated. However, this is not true in case of Oracle HCM Cloud.

In Oracle HCM cloud the users are expected to run the Update Person Search Keyword process. This process populates a table called PER_KEYWORDS which indexes all the employees and enables them to be searched from the front end. The twist in the tale is that PER_KEYWORDS table is populated only if a person has a local name populated in the PER_PERSON_NAMES_F table. Names table has a field called NAME_TYPE. An employee should have a row in this table where NAME_TYPE is not GLOBAL.

During conversions, or inserting data via an interface, when an employee is created it should be ensured that the work relationship data contains PrimaryFlag and has a value of ‘Y’. Doing this ensures that a local name is created. If this value is not passed then primary flag is defaulted to ‘Y’ however a local name is not created. Hence PrimaryFlag should explicitly be passed as ‘Y’.

NOTE: Local Name is created only when PrimaryFlag=’Y’ is passed when an employee is newly created.




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